Pick n Pay at a glance

The Pick n Pay Group is a retail business in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. We operate through multiple store formats under three brands – Pick n Pay, Boxer and TM Supermarkets. We procure quality products at the best available prices, and our lean and efficient operating model is supported by a strong and talented team. This enables us to provide our customers with a tailored range of high-quality food, grocery, clothing, liquor and general merchandise products at competitive prices. At Pick n Pay, we believe doing good is good business. Our resolute focus on cost savings and operational efficiency has underpinned sustained investment into our customer offer, driving sustainable value growth for all stakeholders.

90 000 Employees

Three Brands

2 081 Stores

R97.9 billion Turnover

  • Owned and franchise stores in eight African countries
  • Brands: Pick n Pay; Boxer and TM Supermarkets
  • Hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores and online platform
  • Serving customers across all income groups
  • Food, non-edible groceries, clothing, health and beauty, liquor, building and hardware and general merchandise
  • Branded merchandise and private label
  • Value-added services


Pick n pay

Pick n Pay is a multi-format, multi-channel retailer with a strong and diverse portfolio of stores.

Pick n Pay is a multi-format and multi-channel retailer with a flexible and diverse portfolio of stores. Pick n Pay operates on an owned and franchise basis and provides a wide range of products and value-added services, including an online offer. Pick n Pay is an inclusive brand, welcoming all customers – from the most to the least affluent in society. The business is focused on bringing its offer to communities in which it is not yet well represented, including through smaller convenience formats. The Group’s Ekuseni long-term plan targets strong market share gains for Pick n Pay over the next four years, with a focus on an exceptional customer offer, including range, quality, price, availability and service. Pick n Pay’s strong growth plan benefits from its flexible formats and a leaner operating model.

Pick n Pay supermarkets


Boxer is South Africa’s leading limited-range discounter. The target markets are middle- to lower-income urban, peri-urban and rural communities of South Africa and eSwatini.

All Boxer stores are located close to public transportation hubs and have a welcoming market-style atmosphere, offering essential daily commodities such as maize meal, rice, samp, sugar, oil and beans, as well as perishables, health and beauty products, general merchandise and bulk-buy offers. There are no franchise stores under this brand. The Group’s long-term Ekuseni Strategy recognises the significant potential of the Boxer brand in the South African market and targets 200 new Boxer stores over the next three years. Boxer’s geographical heartland is KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape – with strong opportunity for growth across South Africa where it can serve the needs of communities through its focused product range, affordable prices and community-rooted staff.

Boxer Superstores


The Group has a 49% investment in its associate TM Supermarkets in Zimbabwe.

TM Supermarkets, trading under TM and Pick n Pay, is one of the most trusted retailers in Zimbabwe. TM continues to deliver a resilient trade performance, delivering volume growth and market share gains in an exceedingly difficult economy and trading environment. With its payoff line, “Real Value Always”, customers are offered a wide range of groceries and perishables and a limited range of general merchandise. TM Supermarkets draws its customers from all communities and income groups across Zimbabwe, with store formats ranging from large supermarkets to convenience and liquor stores.

TM supermarkets

What sets us apart

Customers are at the heart of our business. Consumer sovereignty informs everything we do, from how we source and buy our products and the product range we offer, to how we design and run our stores to give customers great value and service. Putting the customer first means we always work hard to understand their diverse and changing needs and how we can serve them better.


Pick n Pay is one of South Africa’s most iconic and inclusive brands. As a much-loved shopping destination, Pick n Pay has moved hand-in-hand with the changing needs and aspirations of its customers for 55 years. Under the Group’s Ekuseni plan, the Pick n Pay brand will become even closer to customers – with product ranges, promotions and customer engagement specifically tailored to meet the needs of customers served.

Boxer has a rich 45-year history and has developed into Africa’s fastest growing discount supermarket chain, with strong market share gains over a number of years. Boxer is winning customers by providing unbeatable value on the products that are most important to customers in the lower- to middle-income communities of South Africa, and by having a modern store estate, a tight and targeted product range, and a strong fresh meat and produce offer.

TM Supermarkets is one of the most loved and trusted supermarket brands in Zimbabwe. Trading alongside Pick n Pay, it has demonstrated exceptional resilience and momentum in a challenging hyper-inflationary environment.


The economic environment in South Africa has been difficult for a number of years, with low GDP growth and high unemployment. The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in two of the toughest years in the country’s modern history, with the riots in July 2021 delivering another blow to the country’s performance and its confidence. However, South Africa is a diverse and dynamic country, with a sophisticated and rapidly evolving customer. The retail market is highly competitive and is constantly adapting to changing customer trends. Our team is confident that the formal food and grocery market in South Africa is on a positive growth trajectory. We believe that the market is set to grow by around R227 billion over the next five years, through urbanisation, formalisation of the informal market, and economic growth for all. The Group currently has 16% market share of the formal food and grocery market in South Africa, with significant opportunity for growth, specifically in the less affluent part of the market.


The Group has a broad and dense store estate, including a highly-committed and entrepreneurial franchise community. The Group has 2 081 stores across three brands and multiple formats catering to all demographics and customer segments. Our community of Pick n Pay franchisees is a true strength for the Group - committed, loyal, and community-centred. The combination of our brands and formats is formidable, providing proximity to a large number of customers and growing communities.


The Group has built successful growth engines alongside its core Pick n Pay food and grocery offer - including Pick n Pay Clothing, Liquor, Boxer, Value-Added Services and Online - which have all delivered strong growth for the Group over recent years.

The Group has seized opportunities in the markets in which it operates, ably supported by an outstanding information technology infrastructure – including an end-to-end SAP system that enables automated and centralised processing, and the forecast and replenishment of inventory. Our point-of-sale technology enables an advanced suite of value-added services, including money transfers and banking transactions, and supports our Smart Shopper loyalty programme, including the redemption of personalised discount vouchers directly through the programme’s digital app. The Group’s information technology platform is modern, robust, integrated and highly scalable, providing the Group with valuable customer insights and a strong platform from which to grow its omnichannel proposition.


The Group has developed a new long-term Ekuseni plan, built on detailed analysis of every aspect of our business, including extensive engagement with customers and other stakeholders. Our plan is ambitious, it is measurable, and it is led by a revitalised management team with clear areas of accountability - and the will and skill to deliver growth in market share, sales, profitability and long-term shareholder returns. Ours is a future-fit Group with a determination to:

  • Grow market share through the roll-out of proven formats
  • Strengthen our engagement and relationship with Pick n Pay customers
  • Cement Boxer as the African discount champion
  • Embrace technology and strategic partnerships to drive growth
  • Improve our margins and key performance metrics
  • Drive shareholder returns over the longer term