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PICK ’n PAY STORES LIMITED – Share code: PIK ISIN code: ZAE000005443
Reviewed condensed consolidated results for the year ended 28 February 2007
Directors of Pick ’n Pay Stores Limited
Executive: RD Ackerman* (Chairman), D Robins** (Deputy Chairman), SR Summers (CEO) (Retired 28 February 2007), NP Badminton (CEO)
(Appointed 1 March 2007), W Ackerman*, DG Cope Non-executive: GM Ackerman*, RP de Wet*†, HS Herman*, C Hultzer*, C Nkosi†, DM Nurek, BJ van der Ross, J van Rooyen (Appointed 5 March 2007)      *Also directors of Pick ’n Pay Holdings Limited      **German      Independent