Audited summary financial statements for the 2015 financial period

Result summary

Pick n Pay has delivered an improved financial performance for the 2015 financial year. Financial rigour over capital and operating spend, combined with action to strengthen the business for the long term, have driven headline earnings per share up 27.9% on last year.

This financial result marks an important staging post in Pick n Pay’s strategic long-term recovery plan, and represents the fourth consecutive reporting period of profit growth. The first stage of this plan – Stabilising the Business – is now substantially complete. This is demonstrated by:


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Key financial indicators  

  52 weeks  
1 March  
52 weeks  
2 March  
% change  
Turnover   R66.9 billion   R63.1 billion   6.1  
Gross profit margin   17.8%   17.5%    
Trading profit   R1 238.6 million   R1 008.1 million   22.9  
Trading profit margin   1.9%   1.6%    
Profit before tax   R1 203.7 million   R830.9 million   44.9  
Profit before tax margin   1.8%   1.3%    
Profit after tax   R860.2 million   R581.5 million   47.9  
Basic earnings per share   88.78 cents   60.61 cents   46.5  
Headline earnings per share   88.01 cents   68.83 cents   27.9  
Total annual dividend per share   57.25 cents   44.30 cents   29.2