People n planet

Sustainability is still a subject that for many is peripheral to doing business – a soft pledge from a company wishing to position itself positively in the eyes of customers and shareholders. But I’d like to be clear: People n Planet isn’t just a part of our business – it is our business. It is a journey we have been on since the late 1980s. Our sustainability strategy is linked inextricably to our business strategy.

Gareth Ackerman Chairman

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Collaborating for Nature Positivity

Pick and Pay is partnering with WWF for a sustainable future. Together, we're on a long-term mission to make our business eco-Friendly, reduce our environmental impact, and responsibly manage resources. This partnership will transform our value chain and operations.

Focus areas of partnership

  • Carbon emission reduction
  • Water & Biodiversity
  • Natural resource stewardship
  • Reducing the impact of the agricultural supplu chain
  • Food loss & waste reduction

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