Our performance

Chairman's report





HEPS + 28.0% to 177.26 cents
Gross profit + 0.3% pts to 17.8%
Rest of Africa
segmental revenue + 13.6%
Turnover + 6.1% to R66.9 billion
Like-for-like trading expenses + 3.8%


127 new stores
8.9 million Smart Shopper cards
On-shelf availability + 2.5%
Volumes through the DC + 11.0% pts
40 000 new online customers


Improved BBBEE score from level 6
to level 4
Recycled 45% of Pick n Pay-owned
store waste
Sourced over R40 billion of products from
local suppliers
Donated 933 tonnes of surplus food to charity

Group Values and balanced scorecard

Our three enduring values

The Group has changed substantially, and for the better, over the past few years. We continue to innovate to improve our offering to customers in order to meet their ever-changing needs. However, the Pick n Pay values of consumer sovereignty, business efficiency and the belief that doing good is good business, have endured and have guided our progress.

  • Consumer sovereignty

    We put customers at the heart of our business. This philosophy permeates everything that we do, from how we treat our customers to how we design our stores. Every customer is different and their needs are constantly changing. Putting the customer first means we work hard to understand them and how we can serve them better. We are focused on delivering good quality at great prices; improving the shopping experience and fighting for the consumer in the public sphere. We serve our customers in a variety of store formats that are appropriate to their shopping needs. We focus on customer service. We appeal broadly across society, exclude no-one and seek to move hand-in-hand with the changing needs and aspirations of our customers.

  • Business efficiency

    We negotiate the lowest possible prices from over 7 000 suppliers and service providers and transport, store and display our products as efficiently as possible to keep costs to a minimum. Our focus on centralisation has increased our business efficiency. The scale of our business allows us to give our suppliers sufficient volume so that they can plan and manage their operations to reduce their costs. Our scale also allows us to spread our fixed costs over substantial volumes, reducing our unit costs. By becoming more efficient we are able to reinvest in improving the customer experience, ensuring we stay true to our first principle of consumer sovereignty, thereby increasing turnover and in turn enabling us to run a more efficient business.

  • Doing good is good business

    Customers reward those businesses that they believe are at the heart of society and who give back to the communities they serve. As customers reward us with their loyalty, we are able to grow, serve more customers, generate more jobs, and help more communities – whether by supporting local groups during times of crisis, helping to develop local suppliers and small businesses, tackling societal challenges like obesity and climate change, or building the capacity of our youth and women to contribute meaningfully to society.

    We believe that we will benefit in the future through our
    generosity today. As we build our business outside South Africa,
    this is the ethos that drives our investment in those countries.

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Store footprint

The Group has a total of 1 242 stores across all formats and across seven countries, including its investment in TM Supermarkets in Zimbabwe.

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Our social impact

Our human impact

Our environmental impact